Monday, April 6, 2009

Prayer Update

Thank you for your prayers for this ministry. Please pray for the following:

1) Protection for volunteers and patients as we come and go from the building. There seems to be a recent rise in crime in Cedar Rapids and there was a woman who had her purse snatched a few weeks ago near the clinic.

We prayer for God's protection for our well-being.

2) Praise God that a long-time patient has volunteered to replace our rusted, drafty backdoor.

Last week, a quiet patient who has been coming to the chiropractor clinic for a couple of years asked if we had any projects that needed to be done. When I showed him the backdoor, he grinned and said that this was a standard door and that he has replaced 100's of doors and windows in the past 30 years in his job as an apt maintenance man!

The awesome thing isn't just that we might get a new door at no cost, but is that he is recognizing that he has something to contribute to this ministry.

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