Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Building Update: We have walls! (almost)

Yesterday, Cyndi and I went to the new building to talk to the electrician about our electrical needs/preferences. The building looked so amazing that I wanted to share!!

It might not look like much, but a lot of work has been done. As a quick summary, our new building is basically divided into four sections, or bays. (It used to be four separate storefronts, but 30 years ago was converted to one large building.) The floor of each bay was at a different level; for example, the second bay's floor was 4" lower than the first, and the third bay's floor was 3" lower than the second. For the last few weeks, the carpenters have been leveling the floors and framing the walls.

Bay 1:
This picture is taken from what will be the pharmacy, located at the front of the building. If you look closely, you can see the doorways of our four exam rooms. Each exam room is around 90 square feet they are very large and will be very comfortable for our patients, especially when they need to bring a friend or family member. To the right (out of the picture) is a handicapped-accessible restroom.

Bay 2:
As you can see, the carpenters have completed leveling the floor in the second bay and have started framing the walls. Cyndi and my offices are on the left side, and on the right side you can see the breakroom, which will have a small kitchenette and space for volunteers to relax. The are in front is the reception office. The picture itself is taken from the waiting room in the front of the building.

Bay 3:
Here you can see the leveling of floors in action! The floor in the third bay has to be raised around 7". The carpenters are currently in the process of placing the floorboards on our leveled floor. The third bay will house our chiropractic rooms, our physical therapy/massage therapy room, another restroom, and the prayer room. The section in the far back has been reserved for a future dental ministry. (Yes, the purple wall will be repainted!)

We are so excited about our new space and can't wait to share it with everyone! Stay in touch for upcoming open houses. As usual, please contact us for information on how to donate or participate in this relocation.