Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fourth Bay Clean Up!

Last Saturday, Mar. 24, we had a group of people from Living Hope Wesleyan Church and some His Hands volunteers give up their Saturday morning to help us clean out our 4th Bay. This is the last part of the building to be renovated, and we are planning to put a basic kitchen and classroom space there for our Healthy Living Program.

You can see by the pictures that a lot of work was done! Some things were moved to the basement, some moved to storage, and others simply given away.

We are so excited about the Healthy Living Program. Too often, our providers end up treating patients for issues that could have been prevented, like high blood pressure, hypertension, and obesity. We also have found that there are few educational options for patients newly-diagnosed with diabetes. The Healthy Living Program will focus on preventing some of these diseases, and educating patients about diseases they have.

But the room has to be renovated first! So, a special thank you to everyone who helped out!


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