Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ready for Dental???

Apparently God is!

This afternoon, Cyndi and I had an amazing meeting with our Dental Committee and a representative from Patterson Dental. God is certainly blessing this endeavor! Local offices are donating all the cabinetry (which, if you think about the cabinets in YOUR dental office, is pretty specialized) and a digital Panoramic x-ray machine. There is still a lot to get - we need two dental chairs, sterilization equipment, and all the dental tools - but, if everything goes as planned, our dental setup might be complete by August.


Dental is such a big need our community, and we are thrilled that God is allowing us to offer this service much sooner than we had planned. However, there is A LOT involved in offering dental, and we need to be strategic as we enter into this new ministry. Please pray for us:
  • that we continue to keep God at the helm of this process;
  • that we find excited and committed volunteers to help start up this new ministry;
  • that we spend the necessary time in planning for the nuts and bolts of offering dental services (it's more than just gathering equipment!);
  • that God shows us where to find solid and continuous funding streams to meet our dental expenses;
  • that we find the right balance of staff and volunteer time so that all our ministries can function at optimal levels.
Have a great week!

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  1. That is exciting!!! Yes, dental is so needed! I will be praying!